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"Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone-driven, boorish Walter Slavic" - john doyle, globe & mail

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"Canada's very own bad boy" - ctv eTALK Daily

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Meet The Instructors

Walter Alza
Award Winning Artist/Actor/Director/Writer/Producer/Acting Coach.

Walter Alza Guest Starring in Flashpoint


follow-alzaWalter Alza is a Trailblazer, Award Winning Actor/Director/Writer/Producer and one of the most accomplished acting coaches in North America.

Walter is an industry veteran; a crafted character actor with a career spanning over 20 years and hundreds of hours of screen time across both big and small screens.

Walter has Co Starred in titles such as “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” with 50 Cent and Academy Award nominee director Jim Sheridan with Terrance Howard (Empire, Iron Man). 

You’ve seen Walter in “Flashpoint”, the six-time award winning show “At The Hotel” and “Metropia”.

Walter can been seen on Netflix “Special Correspondent” with Ricky Gervais (The Office), Eric Bana (Munich, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Hanna, Star Trek), Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire), and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty).

  As a filmmaker Walter's feature film debut was sold to 8 different networks across Canada including TMN, Rogers where it aired in Pay Per View and VOD and 7 other networks. Walter directed and produced the winner of the Best Foreign Film in Nevada Film Festival 2010 "Clive Houston, We Have a Problem" - an edgy comedy.

Walter has an extraordinary ability of bringing out the best performance from any actor. Walter Alza's actors are currently working in leading, guest starring and principal roles in most of the major films and series been shot in Toronto and around the world. Our actors have gone on to win awards and light up the silver screens at some of the top largest festivals in the world, including Cannes, TIFF, Venice and hundreds of festivals around the world.  

Walter has taught actors for years in class and-in private sessions at Alza Acting Studio and at Equity Showcase. He teaches all over Ontario and overseas giving conferences and workshops and has been invited as a guest speaker and moderator at the Toronto- Actra Conference and various Film Festivals and is part of the Actra diversity committee. WALTER ALZA leads the agents showcase at casting workbook a few times a year.

. "Walter Alza is the changing face of television" The Mississauga News.

Ctv E-Talk Daily ..Alza is a scene stealer. (on Get Rich or Die Trying)ET Entertainment Tonight Canada called Walter "... a scene stealer" for his portrayal of a vicious Colombian gangster Raoul in the drama "Get Rich or Die Trying" with 50 Cent and Academy Award nominee director Jim Sheridan

John Doyle from The Globe & Mail said, "Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone - driven, boorish waiter "Slavic" in At The Hotel

The Globe and Mail Walter plays the role of the modern don Juan, Andreas Maradona

"Walter Alza nails the part as a homicidal killer in 'Get Rich or Die Trying' " Produced by Paramount Pictures starring 50 cent, Terrance Howard and directed by six-time Oscar Nominee Jim Sheridan (In The Name of The Father).

ET Canada "Metropia rates 4 stars" (the only other 2005 show given 4 stars was CSI).

Mississauga News "Walter is Canada's very own bad boy." (on Get Rich or Die Trying)

The Globe and Mail Walter plays the role of the modern don Juan, Andreas Maradona.

"Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone - driven, boorish waiter Slavic." John Doyle, Globe and Mail Ken Finkleman's CBC series 'At The Hotel'. Co-starring Don Mackellar and Carlo Rota (24).

Walter has appears in hundreds of publication and TV shows in the USA and Canada.

Walter Alza is Known for his Leading and Character work, his knack for picking up accents-and his ability to effortlessly portray both drama and comedy within his work. According to CTV E-Talk Daily, "Walter is Canada's very own bad boy." This stems from his portrayal of a vicious Colombian gangster Raoul in the drama "Get Rich or Die Trying" with 50 Cent and Academy Award nominee director Jim Sheridan with Viola Davids and Terrance Howard (Empire, Iron Man). Walter plays a jealous, hot-headed Russian room-service waiter name Slavic, in Ken Finkleman's new series, 7 time Gemini Nominated Series; “At The Hotel”. John Doyle, from the “Globe and Mail” quotes: Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone - driven, boorish waiter Slavic, co-starring Don Mackellar (Blind) and Carlo Rota (24). Walter Alza was seen for 10 years on OMNI TV playing the suave ladies man, Andreas Maradona, in the award winning Toronto TV show Metropia. You seen him Guest starring as Paul the mob boss in “Flashpoint”. And he can crack you up in comedies like "Special Correspondents with Ricky Gervais (The Office), Eric Bana (Munich, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Hanna, Star Trek), Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire), and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) And the the six-time award winning show “At The Hotel”.

An industry veteran and crafted character actor in his own right, Alza's award-winning career spans hundreds of hours of experience in front and behind the camera, working across the globe. Walter has been developing unforgettable characters while perfecting his craft for over 25 years. He has knack at portraying characters from diverse nationalities in over 40 films, television series and movies of the week. His work has garnered him rave reviews in the USA, Canada and international media.


Walter Alza Became the first Latin/Argentinean/Canadian to start in a series in Canada in Metropia, this show changed the way casting is done in Canada. In this show Walter learned an Invaluable lesson, how to shoot 23 pages a day

Read more...Walters Bio ..

Dean Bajramovic
Award Winning Director/Writer/Producer

deanAfter finishing a Biology degree from University of Toronto (Canada) in 1997 Dean moved to Osaka, Japan. Dean spent 2 years in Japan teaching English and French to high school students during the day and Japanese businessmen at night. Japanese culture continues to be a major influence in his films.

After leaving Japan, Dean moved to London (England) where he worked for 2 years as a research analyst for the Europe branch a Telecommunications consultancy. In 2002 Dean returned to school to obtain an MA degree in filmmaking from London Film School.
During those 2 years Dean worked on approximately 30 short films, music videos and TV commercials; both at the school and commercially in London. His final student film, Guns to Gogo, won a Gold Medal at the Park City Music Film Festival and Best Action
Short of the Year at the Action on Film Festival. Dean recently completed his first feature film: Gangster Exchange, which has won 6 Best Film awards at festivals in North America. It is currently playing on TMN.

Actor/Acting Coach/Singer/Composer/Writer/Award Winning Artist

tim"Tim graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (R.A.D.A) in London, England and the Academy of Theatre Arts in Toronto. Tim’s acting career includes many live performances with such Theatre companies as the International Drama Ensemble, Canadian Stage, Lovers and Madmen and Horizontal 8. Tim notable performances include Voltemand in Hamlet at the Canadian Stage directed by Ned Vukovic from the Royal Shakespeare Company and Cicero in Julius Caesar at the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts. Tim has performed in the Booff Clown Show since 2007. Tim also directs TTA’s annual theatre productions, the last of which was The Exception and the Rule by Bertolt Brecht in May 2008. Tim is a Chairman of the Board of Solar Stage Children’s Theatre and an active member of the Bishop White Committee at the Royal Ontario Museum where he gives International Public lectures and writes articles on Japanese Art. Tim is honoured to play side by side with such renowned artist as Nikolai Terentiev in the Booff Clown Show.


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Coming Up Guests: at the Studio: Producer Director Bill Marks Paraside Lost, Casting directors Juli Ann Kay, Marcha Chesley(the Weight) Millie Tom (Hulk)

Past and Coming Up Guest Speakers :Emmy Award Winning Director Ron Murphy. Casting Director: Deirdre Bowen. Casting Director: Millie Tom Producer/Writer Paula Smith (Metropia, Paradise Falls) Gemini Award Winner Casting Dir. Jenny Lewis, Sara KayLisa Parasyn Agents: Richard Gerrits & David Ritchie. (Actor/Producer/Reel World Film Festival founder) Tonya Lee Williams, Producer) Paula De Silva, (Agent ETM) Angela Wright- (Agent, Porter Group) Stephanie Porter. Agent/Producer Angela Argento- David Krae Producer/Director (The House), Gangster Exchange (Prod.)- (Producer)Paul de Silva. Writer and assistant to Multiple Academy Award nominee and Winner Jim Sheridan, Renata Radamidov.Casting Director Marjorie Lecker.