Alza's Film Clive Houston, We Have A Problem Winner of Nevada Film Festival Best Foreign film, is in negotiation with distributors.

Alza's Film Clive Houston, We Have A Problem has been invited to The black Montreal Film Festival

Walter Alza Double Bill at ReelWorld Film Festival


Famous Players Canada Square Cinemas,

After last year’s ReelWorld hit “Pay in Full”, Reel world thought it would be interesting to pair a couple of Walter’s featurettes: “Clive Houston, We Have a Problem” and “Open Your Eyes Katarina”. They are a pair of 20-minute short films that show a genuine contrast in his directorial esthetic. Bobby Del Rio, Festival Programmer.


"Pay In Full" written, directed and produced by Alza, gets Canadian  Television  Distributions and it is a hit a Film Festival, with a sold out screening.


Congrats Danielle Aarssen! Walter, I have three films shooting in the next 5 weeks. Every piece of encouragement has truly helped me get here and I can't tell you how happy I am to be at this point in life and belonging to the studio :)



I will always believe in Alza Acting studio

Congrats Marco just got cast in a film!





Amanada Joy (star of Second Jen, premieres at 8:30 on city tv) : Alza Acting Studios is truly a unique place. The curriculum designed by Walter Alza is consistently challenging and engaging, so that students need not ever plateau. With multiple qualified instructors per cycle, participants are given the rare chance to be critiqued from different creative perspectives. Walter himself has a great eye for subtle habits that might go unnoticed by an actor for years; further, he is able to clearly and concisely communicate with his students in an artistic language they understand. What stands out most about Alza Acting Studios, however, is the positive culture that sees students encouraging and supporting each other rather than competing. This allows each individual to truly take risks, and explore the limits of their craft. It’s clear right away that this attitude comes from Walter, Dean, and the other instructors. I would highly recommend this class to any actor looking to reconnect with their instrument outside of set/the audition room.I wanted to let you and Walter know that I've booked 3 (possibly 4 if this works out) auditions this week and I've booked a supporting role! I so thankful to everyone for all you've done for me!



The past 9 months at Alza studios has been entertaining, exhausting, creative, soul searching, frustrating, rewarding and emotional. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you!  I should have been doing this 10 yrs ago. Adaam jenner


Hey I got the most amazing feedback from a director I'm on set with. Just wanted to thank Walter Alza and the Alza Studio for all the training, these compliments I received are a direct result of what the Alza Studio training can do for us.

Much thanks Walter as always Tom Onel


Mr Alza seriously challenges me and it has been a while since I have come across a  teacher who does that.. Francesca Bronk 


Since working with Alza Studios, I have been cast in more projects than ever before, feel a deeper connection to my characters and can relate more easily to working in front of the camera. This is different from any of the other work I have done or techniques I have studied. Thank you to Walter Alza and all of the incredible instructors at Alza Studios! Michelle Righetti



In the last week

Even at a beginner level I am enjoying my classes immensely. I look forward to learning more each weekend. Teachers are intelligent and great communicators. Remy Davids


Best classes I ever did, best prices for the value of information you get, I learned and Im still learning tons from Walter Alza and his team. Love Alza Acting studio Jimmy whites

Alex Ozerov
Working with Walter Alza is a life altering experience in its own. Nothing escapes this man. Expecting and encouraging every week to try something new and escape your zone of comfort to push boundaries in your skill set. If you are a serious actor and want to take your craft to the next level I highly recommend this studio! I owe my current success to them. Maddy


Working with Walter is a game changer. He focuses my energy by making me keenly aware of how my performance is translating to camera. I enjoy Walter's direct approach. He doesn't waste time mincing words but gets straight to the heart of the matter. He possesses a keen eye, a big intuitive heart, and a genuine respect and love for the craft of acting and those who pursuit it with focus, discipline and commitment. I enjoy that he stretches me into areas I don't otherwise get to develop. His techniques on craft have made me a much more focussed and disciplined actor. He's given me solid tools that empower me as an actor which I have employed directly on a working set and in my auditions. After working with Walter no role feels to big or too far away. He has given me the courage to take on any role. Under Walter's guidance and together with a strong faculty I am a more empowered actor than when I began studying with Walter. Much love and gratitude to the Alza Family, my fellow actors and my instructors. Practice makes permanent! Malcolm Taylor



Alza Fam, it is my turn! Sharing with you! Just landed a Lead role in a film. Mr. Walter Alza during the private, reading the sides, yesterday, just 2 hours before the audition said: " This is you, there is nobody else in the market that can do this" Thank you so much for helping me. We will get there Sir! Thank you to Tim and Dean and all the fellow actors. Marcello C.

"Congrats Elma Begovic Starring in BITE! LA TIMES One of the 5 horror movies to see this summer -"Working with Walter allowed me to hone in on my scene study and character development skills. He has an honest and raw approach to working with actors, which allowed me to step into a natural realm of my craft" Elma Begovic


Check Alza’s Student Alex Ozerov ( The Americans) Reviews of his latest film Coconut Hero

alex ozerov

I just got to LA and landed a re current in a series produced by Dreamworks, I feel higher than a f**king kite! I wanted to thank you all, and especially our captain, our leader, our grounding stone.. Walter Alza for getting me prepared for this industry and building up my skills and confidence! Dream big my friends. It's out for grabs. The universe has plenty.


Id like to pay some special thanks to the person who is instrumental in my development as an actor and in helping me reach this milestone of being the lead in a series. Because this person deserves a main-title single card billing! I'm talking about ofcourse Sir Walter Alza! He took me under his wing even though I had absolutely no knowledge about the craft whatsoever. But he saw something. Something I didn't. He believed in me. And sometimes, all it takes is for another human being to have this sort of belief in you which you have to trust. And I did. Put aside all of the teachings about the craft, which of course made an immense difference, him coming at the right time in my life is more significant. It's the values, the disciplines, his mentoring, his belief, his confidence, his kicking my ass, and the right frame of mind that has been instilled in me that I have to thank him for. Once again, I wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for you Walter! I'm holding the four leaf clover and my journey is not yet over. Muchos gracias señor! Alex Ozerov


Probably the best thing that’s happened to me this year. Tim is an excellent teacher, his examples are perfect and he tells it like it is which I greatly appreciate. I told him when I started to give me as much tough love as possible and he’s lived up to that.
This is the most challenging thing I have done in quite some time and getting honest feedback makes me think I’m learning something.
My delivery has gotten better, my nervous movements have stopped, I feel like I’m in an actual scene with my classes.I’m delighted to be part of the Alza Acting Studio. Adam J.


Congrats Marcelo, just a part! Happy to say I just landed the very first audition I did since I began training. I hope this keeps up! Thank you Walter Alza and fam! Marcelo Pinero

Classes with Walter Alza are amazing! Working with Walter is a game changer for me. I'm so excited to have found him. He's an extraordinarily perceptive instructor. I love that he does not tolerate bullshit even for one second! An I love that he is direct, honest and too the point. And that he provides both imaginative and concrete ways to deepen my work. I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with him. Malcolm Taylor


Several of clients studied with Walter and have nothing but great things to say about his techniques. After knowing him for a while, I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed" - Stephanie Porter - Porter Group Agency


Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role.

Shari Quallenberg Agent/Manager AMI Artist Management Inc.

I just wanted to say thank you because Tim coached me on my monologue...for the straight kill audition contest a few months ago, and I found out I am a finalist! So thank you so much Tim and Walter! Jessica Ryan

"I'm so grateful to have Walter Alza as my acting coach."
Alicia Josipovic, lead actor - Degrassi

If you need to step it up, he is the man" Alicia Josipovic, (Reign) and Star of 100's of episodes of Degrassi.


I just wanted to say thank you because Tim coached me on my monologue...for the straight kill audition contest a few months ago, and I found out I am a finalist! So thank you so much Tim and Walter! Jessica Ryan

"Walter has given my clients a new perspective, a new approach to auditioning with a focus on being the best they can be, and on winning. Success naturally follows" Nancy Brown - AMI Agency

"I highly recommend studying at the Alza Acting Studio. Walter's acting method has taught me to connect with my inner being and has given me a set of tools to call upon for a sincere and honest performance. Simply the best Acting Coach & Studio in Toronto!." Many thanks, J. Konis


Brendan Jeffers (Degrassi)
After winning a BRAVO Award for Best Supporting Actor last weekend, I thought a shout out to Sir Walter Alza was due. I studied with him for years, and it's no coincidence that my passion morphed into a career under his teaching. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent, Walter, and assisting me in taking mine to new heights. Stay crafted, my friends.



Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role.

Shari Quallenberg Agent/Manager AMI Artist Management Inc.

alza acting studio

"When Walter acts, you see the intensity of a  beast in him." - Academy Award Nominee Director Jim Sheridan (in America, In the name of The father)


"Walter Alza..Dared me to be myself. Got right to the point of helping me to discover, what honestly connects me to a scene." - Karen LeBlanc (Lead actor of Multiple award winning series RE-genesis & Actra Award Nominee for Nurse.Fighter.Boy)

"Walter not only teaches you how to work hard and play the game, he makes you want to be the best. Nobody is more committed to craft than Walter Alza. He'll help you to bring out the beast." - Terry J. Flashpoint- Being Erica

"Acting is a craft and Alza has perfected." - Bina Pandya Rogers TV – ONE on ONE


Christina Schimmel Booked another principal role in an indie feature film! Thanks for teaching me so much great stuff


Private coaching: I am now represented by Noble Caplan:) They said I was great. I did everything you told me to do. I actually think I shocked them. Lol. Thanks again for your help Walter ! Andrea Grant

"Walter Alza has given my clients a new perspective, a new approach to auditioning with a focus on being the best they can be, and on winning. Success naturally follows" - Nancy Brown, Agent - AMI Agency


Several of clients studied with Walter Alza and have nothing but great things to say about his techniques. After knowing him for a while, I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed" - Stephanie Porter - Porter Group Agency

Alza Fam I had a great week of auditions. I had six auditions and I booked three. I would like to give a huge thanks to the Man Walter Alza for inspiring me to be great and giving me invaluable tools and knowledge to do so. A big shout out to Tim for helping me fill in certain gaps in my acting and helping me to stand out as an Actor. And to Dean for such great direction in class. Finally simply to the Alza Fam for being so generous, talented and warm. Thank you, thank you and thank you Jake Zabusky

craig porrietalex_award_web.jpg hollywood

‘I am starring in Bitten and TWO ACTRA feature films this summer and I would like to express
my gratitude to Sir Alza and the studio for the constant pushing the limits of potential. I wouldn't be where I am without Walter. So thank you for all your hard work” Alex Ozerov (Co Star) of Award Winning Film @ TIFF BLACKBIRD
"What we have" Wins Best Canadian Feature film at TIFF (Inside out) Starring Our student Alex Ozerov's. The director of the film had to say: "Thank to you Walter Alza for your incredible acting teaching and support" Maxime Desmon

"Walter Alza is one of those rare actors, it's hard to tell he's acting! The fact is, he isn't acting, he's being real! And that's what he teaches his students, how not to look like you're acting but how to look real!" - Director, Sidney Furie (Direct Action, The Appaloosa Starring marlo Brando, Superman 4)


Walter Alza. Dared me to be myself. Got right to the point of helping me to discover, what honestly connects me to a scene. - Karen LeBlanc (Lead actor of Multiple award winning series RE-genesis & Actra Award Nominee for Nurse.Fighter.Boy)


My audit, I really enjoyed Walter's class and walked away with some "powerful" acting gems that I applied to an auditon I had the following fridayWalter's passion for the craft is evident and his style of teaching is infectous. Surely an acting coach I want to have and be able to grow along side of. Which I'm sure is what makes actors want to study 3,4,5+ years with him because he emerges himself in the scene with you and gives really beautiful constructive criticism. (Auditor) Adrian Walter (AMI).

craig porriet"After booking 5 auditions on a roll including Rookie Blue, I can tell you Walter's method works!" Craig Porriet


Studying with Walter is one of the most important things you can do for your acting career. He sees the talent that is inside of the actor, but which is often hidden behind nerves, inexperience, and bad habits - helps you to bring it to the surface, and refines it. I have experienced it myself, and have witnessed several transformations. This is where you go to keep your tools sharp. Thank you for everything you have helped me achieve Walter, you are my coach for life." - Since taking classes with Walter my bookings include:
-A feature film called "On Again Off Again" filming this month
-TV show called "Handsome Devils" that airs on Slice Network and Investigation Discovery (US) in the fall
-lead female in a Bud Light Superbowl commercial "Bud Light Living Anthem"
- and I am not sure if you can include this, but I was cast as the lead/title character in a book trailer "Claudine" by Barbara Palmer/Penguin Publishing (which I unfortunately had to turn down, but was told by the director/producer Joe Frankel that he wants to work with me in the future). Fellow castmate Alen Delain was also cast in the same project! Katerina Maria Vitkoff, AMI


" I started classes with Alza Acting Studios two months ago, and in the past two months I have learned lots from Walter and Dean, Which helped me to get a principle role on Nikita. Thank you guys" Alen Delain



Alen Delain(Nikita) I just wanted to say I got 2 principle roles and 1000 leads to come. Thank u walter and the studio for the amazing time and the training. "Winners dont quit and quitters ...who cares about quittersh


Resident Evil: Retribution. Transformers: Got a part in my first feature. Thank you Walter for sharing your knowledge and bringing out confidence in me! Robin K


What a class! So my roommates gave me a gave me a lot of crap for not skipping class and going to the game. To which I replied you do not understand the fire in the Alza studio! I mean Dirty Dancing come on. But seriously my vote has to go to Virginia for being pushed, not giving up and delivering a powerful performance. Amazing class and can't wait for next week ‪#‎alzafam‬Walter has a wonderful gift when it comes to his craft, he is focused, truthful and his instincts never let him down.

Jake Zabusky

Oh man it feels good to be back at the studio what a great night everyone was rocking just like the BlueJays my vote has to go to Virginia Leigh for taking the direction and pulling out such emotion from a cold cold reader Props to Léa Berry for dealing with such a creepy scene very professional Walter Alza studio rocks!!!!! �Thomas Joseph O'Neill


" Casting Director Millie Tom ( RDC Associate The Hulk, Love Guru)


Last night at the studio was fantastic and it had nothing to do with the blue jays, but the Alza fam bringing the FIRE!!!!!!!! Thank you Walter Alza for the triumphant return to the studio; the man who is always pushing us to reach our potential and past boundaries!!! Thank you for all that you do! grin emoticon Such a toughie to vote for, I truly enjoyed watching you all shine! I'm voting for Thomas Joseph O'Neill and Léa Berry for the spine-chilling, brilliantly executed scene and great work to everyone else!!! QOTN: "Most people quit because they get discouraged. True warrior's don't get discouraged." I love this quote! Thank you Walter. Jessica Siegner


Alex Ozerov October 15 at 9:29am Bomb class last night! So great to be back at the gym. Thank you for being on your A game as always Walter, really elevated everyone's performance. Casting my vote to Thomas & Léa. It turned out so effortless, so subtle. Flawless. Borderline psychopathic. The chemistry and the details... pffff unreal. Amazing work everyone


Dear Walter, I want to thank you so much for being such a terrific mentor to Nat. She has blossomed over the past few years, and a lot of that has to do with her following her interests, and you being there to teach and guide her. Your personalities come together and make something larger than the sum of its’ parts. It’s gratifying as a parent to see this, and to know that she’s in such a safe supportive environment. Thanks Walter. Linda Lees (Mo of Natalie Rodin


"These past few weeks have been wonderful for me, thanks to Walter's amazing coaching and teaching of the craft, to his advice that has helped me find the right agent for me.... the pearls of knowledge he has given me, to the wonderful amazing thespians I work with week after week, honing our craft. I have booked an episodic for the CBC and just booked another giog this week:) I am indebted to the studio, to all the teachers and to my fellow thespians." Trisha Echeverria



I started training years ago at the studio“I landed my first film in 2012 called Blackbird which had its world premiere at TIFF winning multiple awards. Since then I have been working non-stop. This just goes to say that I owe my current success to Alza Acting Studio and Walter for building the confidence in myself and pushing me to go out and get it! So if your that guy or gal who's been looking for a challenge to step up your game and stand out, I strongly recommend you check it out- Alex Ozerov”. The director of the film had to say: "Thank to you Walter Alza for your incredible acting teaching and support" Maxime Desmon (read more)



Sept 27. It is difficult to put into words what I have learned from Walter Alza and the Alza studio. Personally, I have booked 3 TV episodes, 3 shorts films, 4 commercial spots and 2 plays since May! I am grateful to the studio for this. I know that I would not be pursuing my passion of acting as deeply had I not met and worked with Walter as he has shared his trials and tribulations of many years of experience in the entertainment industry. Unjaded, optimistic and triumphant Walter instils every one of his students with confidence with a unique approach to each individual. Within my first class, almost 3 years ago, I knew this studio was, like me, different, and began scratching the surface of potential that is within all of us. In this way the culture of the studio takes on its’ own personality – it lives in each student and we feed off each other’s energies. Practically, Walter and the other instructors, Dean and Tim, give you the tools needed to Ace auditions, scenes, tv shows, films and even transferrable skills into theatre. Spiritually, the studio acts as an angel on your shoulder, always there when you’re nervous, scared, intimidated by what lies in front of you and says, “Breathe. Have fun. You got this.” Influenced by the greats; Strasburg, Adler, Chekov, Stanislovski, Pacino the truths flow in class like the Great Niagara Falls; ever constant and undeniable. If you are open and ready to take the next step in your acting career, or want to start off on the right foot ahead of everyone else, this is the place to be.

Trevor Ketcheson




Congrats Craig, his film made it to cannes!"After booking 5 auditions on a roll I can tell you Walter's method works!" Craig P.

craig cannes alza


I have worked for 17 years as a teacher in both Canada and Germany, and have trained teachers in China and Tanzania. I am very aware when I come across greatness in instruction. In just two classes I have learned so much. I have full confidence that I will learn what I need to at Alza Acting Studio. Since I am starting this a little later in life, I don't have a minute to waste. I know I have landed at the right place. Thank you!!

To my Alza Fam: Thank you all SO MUCH! You all make me a better person and actor and for this I am grateful. I just booked a role on a TV show - Lawmen - produced by Cinepix! I couldn't have done it without you - I look forward to being back with you - my rock & happy place- Practice keeps you .... Permanent. Cheers! Trevor JT Ketcheson


trevor alza

A big thank you to Walter Alza for all the great training! Here is the trailer of the film I play the lead role in 'Lurk' Tess Jac


tess alza



NEWS: The Alza Award Winner of 2015 is Jose Alomar!

Congrats ladies! Jessica's new film will be screening in one of France's coolest film festival & Katerina Maria just shot a film with some Legendary Hollywood actors!


craig porriet



craig porriet ‘ I'll be starring in TWO actra feature films this summer, Id like to express my gratitude to Sir Alza and the studio for the constant pushing the limits of potential. I wouldn't be where I am
without Walter. So thank you for all your hard work”
ALEX OZEROV (Rookie Blue) Co Stars in The Award Winning Film At TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in BLACKBIRD Ksenija Ikonic Just landed a role in a music video, filming this week! Thank you to Walter and the studio for the endless support and encouragement.

"As I have traveled through my career few actors have impressed me as much as Walter Alza. With superb work habits & impeccable honesty I watched him work flawlessly with Academy Award winning director Jim Sheridan & first timer 50 cent. In my opinion Walter can be only a help to anyone he works with & will shine in any role he takes on." - Omar Miller (Get Rich or Die Tryin', Shall We Dance, 8 Mile, Law & Order, Things We Lost in the FireMiracle at St. Anna; Spike Lee.) Los Angeles

"Acting is a craft and Alza has perfected." - Bina Pandya Rogers TV – ONE on ONE

Jessica Siegner, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Walter Alza for his incredible coaching and pushing me out of my comfort zone every week in class and privates. Because of this man I have grown so much during my time at the studio and I am incredibly lucky to have him as a coach! Thank you Walter and everyone at the studio!! Feeling blessed! Here's a look at the trailer for The Hotel Dieu Movie which I filmed last summer!


"Walter Alza is an extremely knowledgable and passionate teacher. He is encouraging and inspiring and is completely committed to the students. I continue to learn more and more every class."Michele Kaye


...”You get more passion and more commitment to the craft from Walter and Tim in three hours than you get during the entire duration of most so-called acting classes. That includes programs at colleges and universities. You also learn the emphasis on continued practice. This is vital for new students as well as working actors. You come to Walter’s to learn the skills and feel the spirit of this thing called acting...” Norm Long


The Alza Acting Studio opens your eyes to the world of creative art and complex technique that underlies great acting, all the while maintaining a fun and stimulating environment. As a finance professional, I can attest to the improved confidence I have in my day-to-day life thanks to Alza’s gentle nudge to explore areas outside my comfort zone and the reassuring support of classmates. Above all that, the Alza Acting Studio emphasizes life skills/attitudes such as work ethic, motivation, and dogged determination that are sure to be useful tools in whatever path you choose, acting or otherwise. Ryan Skene, CFASenior Manager, CIBC Commercial Banking

"Walter has an infectious passion for his craft. Being coached by him reminded me why I chose to become an actor in the first place. He creates a supportive ambiance where he helps you step out of your comfort zone, and experiment with your limits.' Have a great weekend! Léa Berry


I really enjoyed the first class. Walter seems like he really wants to challenge us as actors and I look forward to what the next few weeks will be like. I also really appreciated his book recommendations! Marina Pratt

Chris Gonsalves Just landed a lead role in a short film using many of Walter and Dean's character analysis drills, thanks for your time and knowledge guys!


Lauren Roberts Dear Walter Alza thank you so much for all the valuable tools you give me, i just landed another Lead!! I have never worked so much before. You stand alone, you cant becompared to anyone. Thank you, you are the man.


Laura Pimm Just landed a lead in a short film. Thank you Walter and Dean for all the amazing coaching!


Brandon Macpherson I just finished work on my tenth short film since training at the studio. Thanks for everything Walter, Dean and Tim!


"I was observing part of the session that you taught - a thoughtful and inspiring presentation." - Karl Pruner ACTRA President, Actor


Jose Alomar I officially have an agent! Thank you Walter for everything you've taught me and the things you will continue to teach to help me become the crafted actor I hope to be!


Lisa Solberg Hey Walter Alza I got my first role, as a lead in a music video. It was an amazing experience, something I could have never done without all your guidance, encouragement and belief in me. I used so much of what you have taught me in both class and in privates. Thank you so much for everything! I am looking forward to learning more from you in 2014! Thank you!





Trevor John Thomas A BIG thank you to Walter Alza for the VERY informative and inspiring ShowBusiness Seminar tonight!! What a treat to have his many years of experience in the industry open for our discussion. He says that sometimes this business can be cut-throat but here is to the man who goes against that stereo-type. Muchas Gracias !!

"I'm not sure you can teach someone to be passionate about something, but if anybody could, it just might be Walter. With an array of techniques at his disposal, he has a great gift for assisting actors to reach their full potential." - Brendan Jeffers (Degrassi, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Clive Houston We Have a Problem)

Walter is very passionate about the craft of acting and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is dedicated to his craft and also the teaching of it. After several years of school, I can honestly say that Walter surprised me by providing and teaching new tools that every actor should posses. Working with Walter has increased my confidence and upped my game in this industry. Thank you Walter! Celina Vera

Pedro Abrantes I got the lead actor on a portuguese short-film 2 weeks ago, and today I have got a part on a portuguese feature film. I can't express how grateful I am for everything that you taught me. I want go back to the studio and improve my craft. Thank you for everything Sir.

"Walter Alza is passionate - an inspiration to all actors." - Natalie Rezneck (take the lead, So You think you can dance finalist).

Walter is the most honest, passionate and inspirational coach you'll find. He genuinely understands the work of an artist! Walter administers a nurturing environment to make you feel completely safe to explore, but challenging enough to always push you for improvement. He guides you carefully, but allows you to make discoveries and decisions on your own. After working with Walter, I can truly say that my confidence, and knowledge, have escalated and I am extremely thankful to have opportunities to work with him.- Ksenija I. (14 years old)

I knew from the moment that I found Walter's website he was going to be able to help me achieve my dream of becoming an actor, I wasn't wrong. I have learned so much with Walter in the last 6 months that I don't think I would have learned with anyone else. I feel so grateful that I have Walter as my acting coach and I know I will be able to make it far. Jose A. (15 years old).

" It is helping me a lot to go deeper into layering characters to have a forum to get feed back, see other actors work, and benefit from Walter and Tim's knowledge and ability to develop actors in their craft" - Lucy D.

Walter Alza is very passionate about his craft. He eats , breathes, lives for his craft and that is what he wants from those who he teaches. Its never easy opening yourself up but with his guidance you will become more secure with the tools you learn from him. Matthew M.

" It's been great! I've been in other places but this is it, this place meets my needs and my wants as an actor, it's challenging and fun, it's a great place to work and working with Walter Alza really gives me the sensation of being in the industry, it's great to be able to work with some one that is out there in the industry and has that much experience "- Pedro R.

" Walter's class is an exposer into all the fine ingredients that go into remarkable acting. He has acute insight into character motivation. The tempo + rhythm of dialogue the variance of creating emotion through motion" Jennifer L.

" This is a very engaging class. Walter Alza works very patiently with every individual and constantly encourages them to develop their craft . Fun class for people of all ages, backgrounds & skill levels " - Karina R.

" Walter's Class is very comfortable enviournment to let your emotions go. Walter is very encouraging and that makes it even easier" Lucas C

" Im grateful for Walter's studio. I look forward to working more. You learn to love the craft, because all the lessons you learn from this studio apply to anything and everything in life" - Brian W.

" Walter Alza allowed me to get in touch with my inner emotions and taught me to sharpen my focus which helped me portray my emotions easier, and helped my performance to be more realistic" - AnthonyK.

" Walter is truly a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and experience in the profession makes him an excellent teacher ans mentor. I have learned so much in one session and I can't wait to learn more!".Laura K.

" I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot from this class and I am looking forward to coming back and getting some more experience" - Rashad W.

"Training at the Walter Alza Acting Studio has changed my approach to acting in the best way possible. Alza's dedication to his craft and extensive knowledge about the performing arts has helped me improve my skills in infinite ways. If you want to learn from the best, this is the place to be!"Jordie .

Before i started working with Walter, I had never acted out a scene in my life. In the few months I have taken lessons, Walter has helped me realize my potential of acting through his enjoyable and interactive style of teaching". Marco S.

Waiter is a person who expects people like us to do well. He tell us what he wants and when he acts you see the passion and the beastly form that is unleashed, this is what he wants form us teh intensity, passion, etc. He is also, calm, cool, and kind he talks to you if you need help. Sydney D.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Carl Jung

The above quote exemplifies that it is vital to finding one’s expression as an artist. Many actors fall hostage in emulating their favourite artists’ causing the actor to fail in finding his or her own unique method. At The Alza Acting Studio, not only is it advocated to find one’s own artistic voice, but one is also taught to excel in it as well.

Walter Alza nurtures and encourages his students with every fiber of his being to accomplish artistic excellence and recognize the potential that he sees in us. He has taught us to reach deeper from the inside in order to develop an unfailing technique that directly transcribes into working on TV or film.   

Walter’s teaching skills are exceptional and I always look forward to each and every session with him. Without a word of exaggeration, I leave each session feeling more prepared for the film industry than when I arrived. Yelrihs C.

"Walter Alza is a special human being; caring family man, friend and mentor. A great actor in his own right, Walter approaches everything he does with directness and positive energy which students of his cannot help but absorb. Because of Walter's refined method, tremendous coaching ability and encouragement, I was able to land principal parts from the first two auditions I ever went to in my life. I am very grateful and plan to continue refining the instrument under Walter's guidance!" - Frank Longo

"When Walter acts, you see the intensity of a  beast in him." - Academy Award Nominee Director Jim Sheridan (in America, In the name of The father)

I have been extremley lucky to have been accepted into walters fine studio. Walter is the coach & person I have been searching for eversince I joined this industry. I have learned so much not only about acting but myself! when working with walter he brings out the true actor in you & helps access areas within yourself that you never knew exsisted & could be shared. Walter is the only person that has been able to bring out my best performances & I suggest that actors who want to work should work with him ! Walter is the man! Jesica R.

When I decided to take on the daunting challenge of taking one of my scripts and making it a reality, I went to Walter, who I had studied under for a number of years. I quickly realized he has the same relentless passion for acting and schooling his students as he does for directing and producing. I worked closely with Walter, and watched closely as Walter poured his energy into the project. It was an invaluable learning experience for me and a leap into the film biz assisted by Walter. The end result is an award winning film, "Clive Houston, We Have a Problem", directed and produced by the multi-talented Walter Alza. - Brendan Jeffers (Degrassi, Clive Houston We Have a Problem)


"His insight and observations are honest and rewarding. Walter's approach with young aspiring actors is most inspiring."  - Janaya S. (Death Race, Flashpoint)

"From a rising star out of Toronto, one cocreated by Walter Alza To Aspiring Actors If you have truly chosen acting as your vocation.   If you are made of all heart and true grit.  If you can see real value in passionate, no holds barred feedback. If you can appreciate learning from a true artist, one who still works infront of and behind the camera and supports his feedback with true life experiences from over 40 films.Teaches you respect of the business as well as how to draw the most out of your instrument." Then You are ready for Walter Alza" - David Brando George (Cold Blood)

"He has a natural ability to translate complex acting principles and approaches into simple directions for kids to help them improve their skills.  He turns work into fun to keep young ones engaged and wanting to learn more.  Samuel, an aspiring 11 year old actor, has said to me that one of his personal acting lesson with Walter was one of the most fun time he's ever had!" - G. Bonin

I had a fantastic time on my first day. I felt very welcome and like I was among fellow actors who are very supportive of each other and their work. Walter has a tough exterior and is straight to the point...which I like. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to many more classes and possibly some films. He was able to bring a lot out of me on my very vulnerable first day, but I'm always happy for the challenge. Can't wait until Wednesday. Regards, Marlene M. J

I really enjoyed the class. They are teaching me things that I never knew was apart of acting and giving me helpful tips that can increase my performance even with the most smallest things. They helped me to be able to understand the character more than I thought I could. To be an actor is a dream for me and I feel like I am one step closer to that dream with every class. Jose A.(15 years old actor)

I thought that the craft class was very eye-opening and revealing! The exercises opened my eyes to a new way of being and looking at certain situations. After the class I felt free and like I could take on the world!! Can't wait for the next class! -Jessica S

I loved it!! Coming out of my shell already, the exercises where great and I know what works for me so far. I'm honestly amazed :) I also feel closer to the other students now, its a pretty awesome feeling. Steph K

"In this class I've had the privilege of seeing things and being places that I haven't seen or felt in over 12 years. It is a great way of remembering who I am and where I am coming from in a deep artistic way".  Sebastian

"I am thankful and grateful that I was invited to do the craft class, it has allowed me to scratch to surface of opening myself up as the true artist that I am inside. It has made me understand how critical the foundation is, how much dedication and practice so required to become crafted, and how far I have to go. Reworking my imagination, which has been underused in my daily work life. This does make me happy and It makes me feel alive." Selena

"The craft class has opened me up to myself and helped me to access parts of myself that I had locked away. I've learned more ways to connect to characters and scenes and how to discover more about them. I've learned to be less self-conscious and I've been inspired to continue on this long journey, which I now love even more than before.Thank you!" Laura

The craft class is absolutely wonderful. It is at the same time challenging which it great. It will take you places that you forgotten or might have buried deep down inside yourself. But once you let it out, it feels like the best achievement in the world. It is so inspiring, makes you want to play, go out there. Alex Ozerov.

The craft class has helped me be aware of my surroundings and my feeling. Learned to give in to trust, to be in touch and to be in contact within me. Lil.

The craft class has opened my eyes to a person I'd never would of known I could be. It opened me up to another me, someone I know I can always be. Cesare.

The craft class is a great, I see how the exercises invoke the emotions and how to explore them. But I keep worrying I don't have emotions within me. I had to get out of my head, I am to f**king logical I have to let it goAaron

"So far this experience is so much fun in this craft class, it built me lots of confidence as an actress and it helps also in my daily life. Walter I love this class."  Ana Ivina Raman.


Working with Walter Alza and Dominique has helped me explore the emotional side of acting which has elevated my skills like never before. Since being accepted by the studio, I have started to gain a passion and respect for the industry. I now understand what it takes to become a successful and sustainable actor. Patrick C. (15 years old actor)

Working with Dean was a great experience. He opened my eyes to a new way of learning though a directors perspective. The detail he made us learn about our characters was amazing making us relate to them as much as possible. one way was making vivid stories(memories) of the character ethier past present of future about the scene we were dealing with,making it as if those memories(stories) was really happening at that moment. as well the different methods of trying our lines to see which one worked the best with the scene by trying different ranges high voice or low voice or a mix of both, different attitudes to bring to the scene as well happy, sad, etc. these techniques helped you really get into the scene, this was a great way of learning. I am really grateful i got to experience the great class with dean he's a wonderful teacher. Mattia I.

The class was wasn't what I expected but more. Walter really helps everyone individually and makes sure thesy understand and get it right. I loved it Kayla B.

The class was really good, new real experience and what not. Extremely emotional it was exiticing, really enjoyed it. Noura B.

The class was great i had alot of fun and clearly noticed how passionate of a teacher/actor walter is. I also really liked the small class. looking forward to the next three weeks! Monika B.

I just love the classes! I have learned so much and I enjoy all my time in studio. I have been watching Metropia to learn from your skills too. Jeniffer Steele, Model

Class was Dean was great. It was a smaller class so we had more time to work each scene. He allowed us to look at our scenes with emotions we would normally never use in the piece. Each time we did the scene we envoked a new emotions, which made for some interesting choices. I haven't looked at a body of work like that in a long time, and it was refreshing. I found it fun, invigorating, and I found realism in my work. In a nutshell it was great, I wouldn't of changed a thing. Melissa M

"I was very lucky to be accepted at this studio at the age of 15. I'm 18 now, and i think the most important thing I've learned is that is it a craft, it takes patience, and the time it deserves to be put into it on regular basis. In these classes you don't just learn how to act, you learn how to be a pro; how to deal with direction, relationship with the camera, nerves, and doing proper preparation on the script you are given, and adding those little details that aren't seen on the page. Going to the studio for 3 years have made me actually know what I'm doing at the audition and on set! Even if this is a hobby for you, its an opportunity to understand yourself better as a person, go back to those places that yo have berried away for so many years, and can really be a cleansing process. Now as an artist, do you want to be good or memorable? Your choice! Through out the years, i think I'm just starting to understand the information that is being presented to me, and the journey of an actor never ends! With these tools I've been able to land 5 gigs in the last 3 weeks, one of which being big feature!
Thanks again Walter, i feel incredibly lucky!
" - Alex Ozerov

"I thought Walters class was an extremely inspirational learning process." - Mercedes P. ACTOR

"Acting was something I had always wanted to pursue but never had the courage nor the chutzpah to do anything about it.  Thanks to Walter's persistence, positive attitude and encouragement, I joined his class last year and haven't looked back since.  He not only pushes his students to be more than they knew they could, he supports decisions and helps you to improve on the ones you've made.  He's a wonderful man, actor, father, friend and an even better teacher.  I just adore Walter and am forever grateful!! " -Naomi Zwolinski

"Walter's coaching is challenging yet gentle at the same time. He has given me the opportunity to open new pathways of expression which has contributed to a richer quality of performance and a more enjoyable stage experience for myself." - Yasmina Ramzy Arabesque Dance Company

I have every much enjoyed working with Walter thus far. I appreciate his honesty. He's different than teachers I have had in the past. He doesnt sugarcoat things, he let you know what he sees, whats working and whats not working. Though he doesnt ever come off as rude, hes able to use his sense of humour to keep it light while keeping you engaged. He's someone that I think I was fortunate to come across, and I feel confident when recommeding him to fellow actors that I know. Best, Melissa

"Alza shares his point of view as an actor/writer/director/producer. He also incorporates tools from the greatest masters who revolutionized the craft of acting world wide." -Stanislavski, Meisner Chekhov

"His insight and observations are honest and rewarding." - Janaya Stephens (Death Race, The Lookout, Beautiful People, Kevin Hill)

"Walter Alza private classes has allowed me the unique oppertunity to train in a one on one environment. His undivided attention and style towards character development in a scene study or monologue is powerful and will effectively shreed away your nervous energy. Applying the same knowledge to my general classes becomes routine asnd comfortable even though working with the other students may sometimes be challenging, I think that's one of the elements that keeps it interesting. There's never a dull moment. Private and general classes gives me the best of both worlds" - Dail Polius

Walter is a unique and wonderful acting instructor. I have been working with him in class and in privates, and he has helped me considerably with my confidence in scenes. Walter knows what to say to get me to a certain state fast, and how to get me to keep that state so I can immerse myself in the scene and become the character. He teaches you how to look at a script in a different way, to find the background of a character in a deeper sense. His on camera classes are excellent! I have learned so much and continue to learn from him and grow as an actor. Thank you Walter. Shawna Button.

I've been at Walter's studio for seven months now, he's an awesome coach and great to work with! I've noticed a huge improvement since my first day in the Saturday's class. I can only imagine how much more I can accomplish in the next seven months. Bravery is key! Model/Actor Stephanie Kodis

working with walter has been amazing his knowledge and work techniques are so in-depth and accurate that i am so glad to be apart of the alza acting studio and having walter as my mentor. Taking classes have shown me ways to learn that i would never of thought of, with that guidance i have improved so much through the journey i have had so far with alza acting studio i am very grateful. Mattia Irish

I did like so much Walter as an expirienced acting teacher and especially for his harisma!He can combine expertly and use both, a practice and a theory.This s what really inspiring me. EricCeskly

I loved it! Was a bit nervous at the beginning! But he gives such insightful tips and is a amazing teacher. Honored to be a student at the alza studio :) Jessica Sayde

"Taking Walter's class its an amazing journey." - Brendan Jeffers Actor (True Crime, The Weight, This Is Wonderland, Get Rich or Die Tryin')

"Walter has an uncanny ability to sniff out and acknowledge untruths about actors and address through his passionate direction how to get back on the path of believability." - Dan Fox

"Several of clients studied with Walter and have nothing but great things to say about his techniques. After knowing him for a while, I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed" - Stephanie Porter Porter Group Agency